"Do you remember XXXX from high school?"
"Oh yeah, wasn't she my biggest fan?"
"Woah, what?! She was MY biggest fan! She like waited for me after games outside the locker rooms, man."

My wife rolls her eyes and loudly mumbles "Ugh, here we go again... Sean's glory days..."

The name started off as a joke. Something my wife likes to throw at me when I start talking about my high school basketball days. Sometimes, when I think about it, I can't believe it's been 8 long years since my last HS ball game...

After college, I played in a lot of diff leagues in LA. It became an escape from reality, an outlet, a social event. A way for me to reconnect with the younger me, when i had no worries. Life was so simple back then - all I knew and wanted was the spotlight...the girls and the glory, and not in any particular order.

We will never get to relive our "Glory Days," and it's all good, because it will always be a part of who we are. It's something that all ball players can relate to from the heart...

Now that I'm back in Taiwan for good, with the awesome support from friends/families and other "Glory Days" victims like me, I present to you GLORY DAYS BASKETBALL, a community for guys that still love basketball, 10 years and 25 lbs later...

Say it with me... WE STILL GOT IT!!!!

- Commissioner Sean